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Sleep Apnea Pillows

CPAP bed pillows are specially designed to be compatible with your CPAP machine to give you a comfortable and unobstructed sleep. Browse our range of CPAP bed pillows and pillow accessories to learn how the specialized contour design and cut-outs can improve your sleep experience. Click the name or image to learn more about each pillow.


For side sleepers, there are often problems when your tubing gets caught on the corners or underneath your pillow. This can place a strain on the tubing and impact the flow of pressure and the seal on your headgear. With a CPAP bed pillow, the curved contours and cut-outs prevent this from happening. Some of these pillows also have a loop (typically closed with velcro) that keeps your CPAP tubing from moving around too much while you sleep.

For those of you who sleep on your back, it can be a challenge to find a head and neck position that doesn’t tilt your head too far back. When your head is tilted like this, it can be difficult to breath properly and the seal on your headgear can be compromised. To work-around this, CPAP bed pillows are designed with special cut-outs or grooves that support your head and neck correctly. Some of our pillows come with removable liners and padding that you can use to get a customized CPAP bed pillow fit and position.

Typically, CPAP bed pillows are made of a resilient foam core that keeps it shape over time. This foam is highly breathable and does not collect moisture or humidity. With washable and removable covers, it’s convenient to integrate these specialized pillows into your bedroom.

Browse our selection of CPAP bed pillows and do contact us at 1-866-298-6482 with any questions you have about using and choosing a pillow that meets your individual needs. Use the Add to Compare link to compare the features of multiple CPAP bed pillows.

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