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5 Solutions to the CPAP Blues

You found out that you have sleep apnea, and now you’re trying to figure out what’s next. Between choosing the right CPAP mask for your needs to budgeting for supplies and a CPAP machine, things can get complicated. We have 5 common CPAP problems that new users face and some solutions to help you find a little relief!

1: I’m paying way too much for CPAP supplies

Thankfully, most insurance companies will cover the cost of a CPAP machine as a necessary item.’s parent company, Aeroflow, can help you qualify through your insurance for your supplies. Your representative will take care of all the paperwork and you will receive your CPAP machine, mask and supplies at little-to-no-cost in no time! Qualifying through insurance for your CPAP setup is an awesome way to save money from the beginning and allows you to save up for other things, like a tropical vacation!

2:  I don’t know which CPAP mask to choose

Choosing a CPAP mask can be really hard because you can’t physically try on every mask to find the perfect fit. To start out, you should do a little bit of research to see if you will need a nasal mask or a full face mask. Check our CPAP Mask Fit Guide to get your measurements and read up on the best style of mask for your sleep habits. From there, you can shop your options on our online store to find a mask with features that you like. Need help? Our CPAP clinicians can answer any of your questions along the way!

Even more, if you’re not happy with your mask, just send it back to us! Our 30-day Mask Guarantee works to help you find your best fit. If you aren’t fully satisfied with the mask you received, you can get a fully-covered store credit towards a replacement mask.

3: I don’t think a set pressure machine will work for me

You might worry that a fixed pressure setting on your CPAP machine will be overwhelming and uncomfortable. One option to address this problem from the start is to get an auto-titrating CPAP machine, which automatically changes pressure settings to best fit your needs.

The ResMed AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her CPAP is one great option for women with sleep apnea, as its AutoRamp features eases into a higher pressure setting to help the user fall asleep. The IntelliPAP AutoAdjust CPAP is another great option for people who don’t want a fixed pressure: its automatic pressure adjustment is based on event density and type, reducing the chances of sudden pressure changes.

If you can’t get used to the air pressure you’re prescribed, consider switching over to a BiPAP machine. This type of therapy addresses one of the most common concerns with CPAP therapy: exhalation causing discomfort for people with higher pressure settings. The BiPAP reduces pressure during exhalation, which allows the user to comfortably exhale and get comfortable with therapy.

4: I don’t want to spend every morning cleaning my CPAP machine

With all the money you saved from using our first tip on this list, we’re ready to share an amazing secret with you: there is a machine that will sanitize your CPAP machine, mask, hose and reservoir all at once — and all you have to do is press start! The VirtuCLEAN CPAP cleaner automatically sanitizes your machine and removes 99% of germs found in your CPAP with zero water, soap, or effort.

5: I worry that I won’t be able to sleep with a CPAP mask on my face

Getting used to a strange object on your face during the night can be difficult, and we totally understand that. Adjusting to wearing a CPAP mask will take some time, so patience is key. You can find a supportive pillow that works with your mask — try a Contour Health CPAP pillow that has a groove for your mask to reduce shifting and air leaks and minimizes facial pressure. If you’re a side sleeper, there are certain masks that will be a much better fit — learn more by reading our blog on CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the best CPAP setup to match your needs. If you need help at any point along the way, just reach out to us here at Cheap CPAP Supplies and we will help you get on track to a great night’s sleep!

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