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Adjusting to CPAP

Starting on CPAP therapy is a big commitment and can seem overwhelming at first. Here at we want our patients to succeed with their treatment by ensuring that they are adjusting to CPAP therapy without hassle.

Work CPAP into your regular routine

One of the easiest ways to start adjusting to CPAP therapy is to work it into your normal bedtime routine. If you watch TV or read in bed at night, try putting your mask on while doing these activities. You do not need to have your machine turned on for this, just wear your mask so that you can get used to the feeling.

Cheap CPAP Supplies carries a wide selection of masks like the Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal Mask that has a low profile design, which will allow you to read or watch TV without an obstructed view. If you find that you are uncomfortable with your mask after trying it out for a few nights, you may need to try a new mask. We offer a 30-day mask guarantee which will allow you to trade in your mask for credit towards a new mask in the first 30 days. Getting the right mask and learning to be comfortable with that mask will make a huge difference in your CPAP therapy.

Make adjustments to your machine

If you are comfortable with your mask but are still having issues with adjusting to CPAP therapy, there are other things you can check on your machine.

  • If you feel that your pressure is too high when you turn your machine on, try using the ramp feature. Ramp will lower your pressure and slowly work back up to your prescribed pressure, typically over the course of 20 minutes. You can use the ramp feature at any time to temporarily lower your pressure while you fall back asleep.
  • If you are comfortable with your pressure but are having issues with dry mouth, try adjusting your humidity level. carries a great selection of heated humidifiers designed to make your CPAP treatment more comfortable. Most CPAP humidifiers adjust from 1 to 5, with one being less humid and 5 being more. If you feel too dry, try adjusting up by one each night until you are comfortable.
  • You may find that as seasons change, so will the level of humidification needed, so keep this in mind if you find yourself feeling dry at different times of the year.

No matter what CPAP needs you have, the knowledgeable staff here at is always here to help. If you find that you are having an uncommon problem, submit your question using our Ask a CPAP Clinician tool for tips and advice from our trained CPAP clinicians and to view questions and answers from other patients just like you.

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