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The Best Ways To Clean Your CPAP

Even though a few places are still getting pelted with some sleet and snow, spring is officially here. That means it’s time to get your spring cleaning on by getting rid of any dust that may have collected during winter, cleaning out your closet, or adding a fresh coat of paint to your favorite room. However, no matter what your spring cleaning lists includes, don’t forget to clean your CPAP.

That’s right, while you have the broom and spray cleaner out, don’t forget to clean your CPAP machine and supplies, just not with those particular items. Learn the best ways keep your CPAP fresh and squeaky clean.

The Best Ways To Clean Your CPAP

Why CPAP Cleaning is Important

If you don’t clean your CPAP equipment then dust, bacteria, mold, and germs can collect on the inside, causing you to get sick more often. The bacteria and mold could also cause infections. Plus, what if they give you an allergic reaction?

Not only does keeping your CPAP clean help you get sick less often, but it allows you to fully benefit from your treatment. Best of all, it can help you save money because keeping your equipment clean helps it last longer so you won’t need to replace parts as often.

Lumin cleaner

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Cleaning Your CPAP Hose

Your CPAP hose or tube should actually be cleaned once a week to remain mold and bacteria free. Clean it by placing it in warm water with a few drops of mild detergent added and swirl it around. Then thoroughly rinse tube and hang it up to dry. Hang it on something like a towel rack to make sure it fully dries out.

Clean your CPAP regularly to extend it's life Cleaning Your CPAP Mask

Your CPAP mask should also be cleaned weekly because it touches your face. Dead skin cells and bacteria can collect on your mask and spread right to your skin. You can actually clean it with your CPAP hose in warm water, just be sure to hang it up to dry or use a towel to dry it by hand. Either detach the straps before cleaning your mask or give them enough time to dry out afterward.

Cleaning Your CPAP Machine

When it comes to cleaning your actual CPAP machine wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dust. Then check your air filters. If disposable ones are no longer white it’s time to replace them. Otherwise, like with non-disposable filters, they can be rinsed with warm water, squeezed, and blotted dry with a towel to remove dust and allergens.

If your CPAP machine has a humidifier you should clean it every other week by emptying any remaining water and placing a solution of 1 part vinegar and 5 parts in it to soak for 30 minutes. Then thoroughly rinse it, and give it time to fully dry. Depending on your humidifier, you can actually place it in the dishwasher to rinse and dry. Remember, only fill it with distilled water to prevent mineral build up. 

SoClean Machine

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CPAP Cleaning Hacks

Although extremely beneficial, cleaning your CPAP can be a little time-consuming. Luckily there are a few hacks to speed up the process.

  • Use a SoClean device to clean your CPAP mask, humidifier, and tubing for you. Simply place them inside your SoClean device and remove them later. No water or chemicals are required. Your CPAP supplies will be completely disinfected without you having to take anything apart.
  • Use CPAP machine cleaner, such as RespiSoak, an alcohol-free cleaning solution that’s safe for all of your CPAP equipment.
  • Check out spray mask cleaner! You can take it anywhere and use it to quickly disinfect and deodorize your mask and other accessories, such as your CPAP tubing.  
  • Get some CPAP cleaning wipes to quickly disinfect your mask at any time to remove dust, grease, bacteria, and more. Wipes can also be used on other CPAP accessories, including the tubing.

Happy Spring

We hope that if you’re in an area that’s still covered in snow that you can defrost soon to get your spring cleaning plans underway. In the meantime be sure to clean your CPAP. Don’t wait until spring, have a schedule to make sure your equipment stays bacteria free so you can get the most out of your treatment. If you’re pressed for time then take advantage of our quick and easy cleaning hacks!

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