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CPAP Therapy with Oxygen Bleed In

For those living with sleep apnea, getting enough oxygen while sleeping is the goal, though it is not always thought of that way.  CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy is used to treat sleep apnea by forcing air with prescribed pressure to the CPAP machine user, so the airway is open and they breathe properly during sleep.  Sometimes, however, this is not enough.  When this is the case, it may be necessary to have oxygen bleed in.

If you have started CPAP therapy and your doctor ordered an overnight oximetry test to be taken while you are using your CPAP machine, it was done to test the adequacy of your treatment, to make sure treatment is working for you.  The results of this test will reveal whether or not you need to supplement your treatment with oxygen.  If an oxygen bleed in is needed, you will hear from your medical equipment company that your doctor has sent in an order for oxygen based on the results of your overnight oximetry test.  A representative will call you and after verifying your insurance, arrangements will be made to have an oxygen concentrator delivered with tubing.  As well, an enrichment adapter will be included and this is how the oxygen will be fed into the CPAP tubing.  This way, when the CPAP machine operating, the mask will also supply you with oxygen bleed in, as well as the prescribed pressure of air to keep you breathing well while you sleep.

For more information CPAP treatment, accessories and supplies, visit  You can also look into oxygen enrichment adapters for more information as well!  Also, don’t forget that at, shipping is free no matter how small the purchase.  If you have questions for and would like to speak with a representative over the phone, you can call 888-909-5506.  You can also use our “chat” option by clicking on “live chat online” icon in blue on the right hand side of the homepage.  As well, if you ever purchase a new CPAP mask at, depending on the mask, there is a 30 satisfaction guarantee.  If you do not like the mask you choose, you can return it for online credit with our site within 30 days!

Visit for all your CPAP needs, and to guarantee you are getting the most out of your CPAP treatment, make sure you keep in touch with your doctor and your medical equipment company and enjoy how much better you feel now that you are getting proper sleep!

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