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Keep Track of CPAP Supplies Replacement

One of the most common questions all CPAP users have is, “Why are there so many different CPAP supplies and do I really have to switch them all out?”

It may be tempting to save money and only replace CPAP supplies when they are visibly dirty or worn, but that comes with a serious cost to your health. CPAP supplies are made to be disposable and are manufactured with replacement schedules in mind, with sound medical reasoning behind the industry standard replacement guidelines.

Because CPAP equipment touches one of the most sensitive areas of the body (your face) and aids one of the most important bodily functions (your respiratory health), replacing supplies ona schedule is not something to be taken lightly.

3 Reasons to Replace CPAP Supplies:

1. Bacteria and Skin Irritation

A Harvard Medical School study showed that after 6 months it is impossible to get all the bacteria out of a CPAP mask. Clean supplies reduce the likelihood of bacteria building up on your skin and causing breakouts or illness.

Remember, you breathe what’s inside your mask. If your mask and filter are full of bacteria, that same bacteria infiltrates into your lungs. A $100 mask is much cheaper than a $500 ER visit or the lifetime cost of diabetes or hypertension.

2. Mask Seal

Oils found on the human face naturally cause mask cushions and headgear to deteriorate after a certain amount of time. Furthermore, headgear is elastic and will stretch out after continued use. Both of these factors can contribute to mask leaks – making your CPAP machine incapable of doing its job.

3. CPAP Compliance

We can’t stress enough how much comfort is truly the key to compliance. Your comfort lies in the cleanliness and condition of your CPAP supplies. And with continued CPAP use, the side effects of regained mental focus lowered blood pressure and being in a better mood should be enough to make anyone want to adhere to their resupply schedule.

Important CPAP Supplies to Replace

CPAP filters

Many of us wonder why there are two filters and what the difference is. When you receive a CPAP machine you will find that there is a thin paper filter and a wider, foam filter.

Using disposable and reusable filters together provides an added layer of protection to keep out any dust and debris from your machine. Many PAP users do not want to risk getting dust into their machine or airway and choose to use both together.

The thin paper filter is ‘ultrafine’ or disposable filter.  To prevent clogging, replace the disposable filter once a month.

You can use the foam filter or the reusable filter for 3 months with regular cleaning.  Rinse it weekly in warm water to remove dust and debris.

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CPAP Masks 

A CPAP mask is not just once piece. There are many different parts that you replace at different times.

The headgear keeps the mask on. Replace it every 6 months and clean it on a weekly basis.

The actual CPAP mask is the hard plastic part that the tubing attaches to. Clean tubing weekly and get new tubing every 3 months.

The soft plastic part of the mask that actually touches your skin is the cushion on full face and nasal mask. If you have a nasal pillow, the soft plastic part is called a pillow.

Wipe it down daily and wash with warm water and a gentle soap once a week. The soft plastics in cushions and pillows break down more rapidly and so you need to change them out once a month to ensure a good seal.

CPAP Machine

After a while, you need to replace your actual CPAP machine, which may seem like a hassle, but the average lifespan of the machine is five years, giving you plenty of time to enjoy it. Depending on your insurance you may be able to have your CPAP machine supplies fully covered.

Some CPAP machines have an attached water chamber or humidifier. If it’s attached be sure to keep it clean. You should only use distilled water in it and it should be clear without any discoloration or cloudiness.

Replace a detachable CPAP humidifier or water chamber every 6 months. Immediately replace a cracked water chamber.

Subscribed to New Supplies

Using the handy CPAP supplies replacement schedule will keep you right on track for supplies replacement. Clinicians and physicians in the industry recommend staying on a regular replacement schedule to ensure that your machine runs properly and to prevent you from having any exposure to harmful bacteria. Change disposable filters and cushions or pillows once a month, masks and tubing every three months, headgear, chinstraps, non-disposable filters and humidifier chambers every six months, and replacing your CPAP machine every five years.

Keeping your supplies clean and regularly switching them out will give you peace of mind knowing that you are getting great sleep apnea treatment. Using the supplies replacement schedule will keep you on track, and will keep a record of when you last ordered supplies to help you stay on track. Do not let old or worn out supplies negatively affect your health.


CPAP Replacement Part Reference Guide:

Product Replacement Time Why?
Disposable Filters Once a month These filters are meant to be replaced regularly so that fine particles can be trapped.
Cushions and Pillows Once a Month Overtime, cushions and pillows break down and cause leaks. Replacing these items will improve sleep therapy.
Oral, Nasal, Nasal Pillow and Full Face Masks Every 3 Months Masks deteriorate over time, causing discomfort and leaks. To keep your masks clean, try the SoClean machine!
Tubing Every 3 Months As the tubing gets older, the air quality will worsen. Replacing the tubing keeps the air you are breathing clean and safe.
Headgear and Chinstraps Every 6 Months Headgear and Chinstraps will stretch overtime, becoming less and less effective.
Non-Disposable Filters Every 6 Months After 6 months of use, these filters won’t be able to prevent particles from entering your machine. It is important to replace filters to maintain high air quality.
Humidifier Chamber Every 6 Months Mineral buildup can cause sinus irritation. Be sure to wash your humidifier chamber after every use with distilled water, and fully replace after 6 months.
CPAP Machine Every 5 Years Make sure to replace your CPAP machine every 5 years to stay up to date on the most effective therapy options.

Insurance, Medicare and Cold Hard Cash

The easiest way to replace your CPAP supplies is to subscribe and save. Once you sign up your CPAP equipment will be shipped to your home on a regular basis. Your full face CPAP mask, tubing, filters, and more will be sent right to your doorstep with free shipping based on your regular replacement schedule. Plus, you’ll receive 10% off on your supplies and free shipping every time.

If you’ve reached your insurance deductible, replacing your supplies on schedule could be covered!  We’ll even help you file all the necessary paperwork. You can also purchase your replacement supplies online at and still have your purchases count toward your deductible with a 1500 Form.  Call us at 866-298 6482 to discuss your insurance coverage and CPAP equipment and we’ll help you find the most cost-effective way to keep your supplies up-to-date.

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