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Tap or Distilled Water for My CPAP Humidifier?

When starting CPAP therapy, many people learn that only distilled water is recommended in their humidifier chamber. Many CPAP users wonder why distilled water is needed, and if they can use tap water instead. CPAP manufacturers and registered CPAP clinicians all recommend that patients only use distilled water in your humidifier chamber. Using distilled water is better for your CPAP machine, and better for you!

Dangers of Using Tap Water in CPAP Humidifiers

Regular tap water is full of minerals and organisms that cannot be completely removed, even through boiling the water. Using regular tap water with your CPAP machine can result in a buildup of minerals inside your machine. Ultimately, the buildup of minerals will render your machine unusable over time. A CPAP machine is an investment that should last years to come, and taking great care of your CPAP machine will ensure that it is running at its optimum performance.

Benefits of Distilled Water

In addition to keeping your machine running smoothly, using distilled water will help ensure that you are getting the best treatment from your CPAP therapy. Not only will it mean that you are always getting the correct amount of pressure, but it will ensure that no bacteria makes its way into your airway. It is also important to change the humidifier chamber water out daily to prevent bacteria building up on any stagnant water. While you should refrain from using tap water in your humidifier, it’s alright to use tap water when cleaning your machine with a mild soap.

Keep in mind that it is very important to regularly clean and replace supplies, including your humidifier chamber. Use this handy CPAP Supply Replacement Guide to help to keep you on track.

If you have more questions about your humidifier and distilled water, use the Ask a CPAP Clinician Tool to get in touch with a CPAP expert who can answer all your questions!

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