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Top 3 Quiet CPAP Machines

When starting out on CPAP therapy, one thing that many people consider is whether or not the treatment will disturb their bed partner. The main source of noise on a CPAP machine is the motor. There will always be some sound associated with CPAP because the motor blows pressurized air. The sound will be similar to an air conditioner or a fan blowing so many may have no problem adjusting to the sound put off by the machine.

If you sleep in a quiet room, choosing a quiet CPAP machine will reduce disturbances from CPAP noise. These days, the newest models of CPAP machines are quiet by design. Technological advancements have silenced previously quite noisy experience that CPAP users had a decade ago.

For silence & control

DreamStation CPAP Machine

Respironics designed the DreamStation CPAP specifically to be quiet. It is listed at less than 30 decibels, but some have recorded it at 27.9 decibels Your hearing threshold is 25 decibels. The DreamStation App has several advanced features to make settling into long-term therapy simple. The Daily Progress Feedback summary allows patients to monitor their therapy and to see how the customized adjustments are helping.

For peaceful sleep & advanced pressure settingsResMed AirSense

The ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet clocks in at 26.6 decibels (basically a whisper).  It comes standard with an internal structure that is always quiet to operate. The built-in Easy-Breathe technology that allows the machine to breathe along with you, creating a more quiet and comfortable experience. It also includes backlit operating buttons that will allow you to make any adjustments needed without turning on a lamp or overhead light.

For on-the-go travelers

For those who enjoy traveling or camping, there are even quiet CPAP alternatives for travel CPAP machines. The Transcend Auto CPAP Machine not only weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of the hand, it is also extremely quiet and vibration free.

 Improve your sleep with a silent CPAP

Whether you need a quiet CPAP machine for home or for travel, invest in one that will treat your sleep apnea and won’t disturb your bed partner.

If you are looking for a new CPAP machine, or if you have had your machine for many years, consider a new, quiet CPAP machine. A new quiet CPAP model will not only give you a calming experience, it will also give you access to the most up to date technological advancements that will help to improve your usage and your overall experience with sleep apnea treatment.

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