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Tubing Wrap

When you start on CPAP therapy it is important to find equipment and supplies that will make you comfortable.  CPAP treatment is a long-term commitment where you will be using the machine nightly while you sleep.  Changing your nightly habit can be overwhelming at first but there are many tools available to make you more comfortable while sleeping. carries many CPAP accessories, like a tubing wrap, designed to help make you more comfortable with your treatment.

One of the main complaints CPAP users have when starting CPAP treatment is of having water in the CPAP tubing.  This condensation is also known as “rainout” and can be extremely uncomfortable. Rainout occurs when the heated water from your humidifier moves into cool tubing.  It is more likely to occur in a cooler room as the tubing takes on the temperature of the room and since most people sleep in a cooler room, this issue is a common problem among CPAP users.  The temperature difference causes increased condensation to build up in the tubing and many patients wake up from water in their masks which is extremely uncomfortable and can make many wary of putting their mask back on to go to sleep. Using a tubing cover like the SnuggleHose Tubing Wrap is an easy way to prevent rainout.

The SnuggleHose Tubing wrap is great for preventing rainout but it has other uses as well. Many CPAP users find their tubing to be cold and hard.  This uncomfortable temperature and surface can wake someone up from restful sleep it if they roll over in their sleep and brush against the tubing. The soft material of the SnuggleHose Tubing Wrap makes it warmer and softer. carries the wrap for $10.00 and offers free shipping on every order.

A CPAP tubing cover is an easy way to make using your CPAP machine much more comfortable. Knowing that you will be comfortable is a great way to help ensure that you get a good nights sleep with your CPAP machine.  Here at we are here to help you find the best CPAP machine, supplies and accessories to help treat your sleep apnea. Our Ask a CPAP Clinician tool to submit questions you have about CPAP treatment.  One of our certified CPAP clinicians will respond to you with an answer and advice to help you be successful with your CPAP treatment.   Visit to get started in selecting your new equipment today.

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