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3B Medical

3B Medical

3B Medical is committed to making CPAP therapy as comfortable and easy as possible for their patients. They provide easy to use machines and masks for sleep therapy that include user manuals with online access and instructional videos so you can stay informed. Shop our selection of 3B products to find a CPAP device that meets your needs.

3B Medical offers some unique features that make their machines and masks stand out from the rest. All products come standard with SD card technology. Their unique iCodeConnect program is cloud based, so patients never need a special card reader or software to access their sleep tracking data. Automated compliance data is uploaded by cellular modem or through free options like WiFi and smartphone apps to make data usage as easy as possible for users and clinicians.

The company understands the demands users face with compliance reporting and have resolved this issue by offering no-cost solutions for remote compliance reporting like cellular modem, WiFi, QR coding on smart phone apps and interactive voice recognition to improve efficiency for all users.

One popular mask option is the Elara Full Face Mask, which is one of the lightest full face masks on the market. The Elara features a unique cushion design that creates a strong seal without the need for forehead support. This minimal mask design allows for a wide field of vision, so users can enjoy more freedom during sleep therapy.

If you are interested or have questions about any of the 3B Medical products, please give Cheap CPAP Supplies a call so we can help you find a CPAP system that works best for your needs.

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