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Circadiance masks are soft and breathable, a great option for CPAP users who prefer a softer surface during sleep therapy. Shop our collection of CIrcadiance masks and supplies to find the perfect solution to your CPAP needs!

  1. $49.99

    The SleepWeaver Advance cloth mask is simple to use while offering increased comfort through a soft, breathable cloth that creates a strong seal through specialized technology. This mask is available in blue, pink, beige and leopard.

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  2. $62.00

    A reliable, leak free seal without pinching or pressure points. Learn More
  3. $99.00

    The Circadiance SleepWeaver Anew non-allergenic mask uses a fabric seal rather than plastic to improve patient comfort. This mask is available in sizes small, regular and large. Learn More
  4. $19.99

    Replacement headgear for the SleepWeaver Advance Nasal Mask. Learn More
  5. $23.00

    Replacement nasal cushion for the Elan Nasal Mask. Learn More
  6. $14.95

    Designed to be a lightweight connection between any SleepWeaver Mask and CPAP tubing. Learn More
  7. $63.99

    The Sleepweaver 3D Nasal Mask and Headgear uses comfortable and flexible materials to ensure patients with different head shapes and facial features and wear the mask. The unique design prevents facial marks and allows patients to sleep in nearly any position.

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  8. $44.00

    The Sleepweaver 3D uses cotton materials to ensure the user remains comfortable throughout the night. The unique mask is intended for nose breathers and helps to prevent facial marks.

    This purchase includes the mask only. Headgear must be purchased separately.

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  9. $19.99

    This headgear fits comfortably below and above the ears, providing optimal comfort for the user.

    This purchase includes the headgear only, all other parts of the Sleepweaver 3D Nasal Mask system must be purchased separately.

    Please except a 1 week delay in shipment on the size Large headgear. 

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Circadiance is a pioneer in the respiratory therapy industry specializing in positive airway pressure and sleep apnea monitoring. Circadiance products are effective for acute care and home care settings to serve patients with various needs.

Since 2006, Circadiance has supplied CPAP products to patients. The company focused on bridging the gap between efficiency and comfort on a CPAP device, marketing the world's first all-cloth respiratory interface in 2007. The SleepWeaver’s soft cloth CPAP mask has been a hit ever since, serving patients of all ages who desire an alternative to plastic masks.

The soft and breathable cloth Circadiance mask has been a top seller for the company for many years. The masks are comfortable, breathable and easy to clean. Beyond that, they are approved by doctors due to their efficiency.

The Circadiance team is always creating and working towards new innovations in the field of sleep therapy. Their diverse team of engineers and their international distribution network allows them to serve patients all over the world.

If you have any questions about Circadiance CPAP masks or products, please give our team of experts at Cheap CPAP Supplies a call to discuss your options. We are always here to help!

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