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Contour Health

Contour Health

Contour Living offers comfortable, supportive pillows that are ergonomically designed with the CPAP user in mind. Get a fantastic night of rest with a specialized CPAP pillow!

  1. $49.00

    Accommodates your mask to reduce shifting and air leaks. Learn More
  2. $15.99

    A slip on pillow case that fits the shape of the pillow. Learn More
  3. $14.99

    The same exact fit as the cover that comes with the pillow. Learn More
  4. $14.99

    The Contour CPAP hose cover prevents rain-out and is easy to use. Use the zipper to place the hose inside of the cover. Learn More
  5. $59.95

    Next generation support CPAP pillow for sleep apnea patients wearing CPAP masks. Improve comfort and support immediately! New improved design supports head and neck properly, all while accommodating bulky CPAP masks. Learn More

Since 1991, Contour Living has been a leader in the ergonomics industry. As a worldwide distributor of unique products that satisfy the needs of CPAP users, the company has prided itself on providing relief to countless patients suffering from CPAP discomfort. Contour Living products help to properly align the body for a better rest during the night and an improved comfort during the day to restore overall wellbeing.

Contour believes that comfort is not just an indulgence, it's necessary to obtain quality sleep and maintain good health. The company partners with physicians, chiropractors and sleep experts to ensure the products they develop are the best possible designs.

Contour CPAP pillows are designed to reduce mask leaks and reduce pressure on the face. The pillow is made of a silky, quilted material that follows the contours of the pillow so your CPAP mask does not get caught as you move through the night. The Contour CPAP pillow has been proven to improve CPAP ease of use, sleep comfort, CPAP compliance, neck support and airway alignment. The pillow also aligns the spine to ensure you wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.

Contour CPAP pillows are designed with the CPAP user in mind. From the shape of the pillow to the ear comfort depression, Contour has developed a pillow that identifies all the problems that CPAP users face while they sleep. They’ve addressed these problems accordingly to create a highly comfortable product. To learn more about CPAP pillows or find out which style works best for you, give Cheap CPAP Supplies a call at 1-888-909-5506. Our team of experts will be happy to help!

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