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Human Design Medical manufactures CPAP machines that revolve around portability, ease of access, accuracy and high quality device data so users can take their CPAP machine with them anywhere they go. Shop our HDM CPAP devices, filters and tubing below.

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  1. $14.00

    The replacement or spare Qtube In-Line Muffler. The Qtube fits between your standard tube and the Z1 machine. Learn More
  2. $14.00

    The replacement end-cap for the Z1 machine. Learn More
  3. $28.95

    Use your Z1 CPAP Machine with your car charger for on-the-go use! Learn More
  4. $59.95

    Replacement Power Supply Kit for the Z1 CPAP machine. Learn More
  5. $13.99

    Custom sized USB to Micro-USB data cable. Learn More
  6. $6.00

    The Z1 custom outlet tube adaptor is required for Z1 operation.

    Learn More
  7. $10.50

    A waterless humidification that requires no additional power and takes up very little space. Learn More
  8. $479.00

    Are you traveling? Well, you can’t leave without the Z1 Travel CPAP Machine, the world’s smallest and lightest CPAP machine! By fitting in the palm of your hand and weighing in at only 10 ounces, it’s easy to take this CPAP anywhere. Have a great night of sleep from the bedroom to the mountaintops and everywhere in between.

    Learn More
  9. $549.00

    Traveling by plane, train, automobile, boat, or even by foot? Well. don’t forget to pack the Z1 Auto CPAP Machine. By only weighing 10 ounces you can take this automatic CPAP anywhere without any hassle. Plus, the optional PowerShell battery provides 8 hours of cord-free use.

    Learn More
  10. $12.00

    Lightweight tubing that compliments the Z1™ machine.

    This tubing can only be used with the Z1 CPAP Machines. 

    Learn More

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Human Design Medical manufactures CPAP machines that revolve around mobility, fast results, ease of access, accuracy and high-quality device data that allows CPAP users to track their sleep therapy from anywhere in the world. The human-focused design aims to make the CPAP machine as usable as possible for users while maintaining high quality and satisfaction.
The Z1 CPAP is one of the lightest and quietest products on the market. Featuring an integrated battery, the Z1 slips into the PowerShell and supplies a full night of cord-free sleep. In addition to its small size, the Z1 uses HDM’s Z-Breathe algorithm that learns your breathing pattern and relieves the pressure on the machine when you exhale.
The Z1 CPAP machine is an incredible option for travelers due to its small size and long battery life. Even better, the Z1 is now approved to use on planes, so you can sleep comfortably on long flights. With all of these great features, the Z1 is still very affordable, especially at Cheap CPAP Supplies where all products ship free of charge. A prescription is needed, which is easily submitted on our website.
With any questions you might have regarding HDM products, or regarding CPAP Supplies in general, do not hesitate to contact us online or by phone at 1-888-909-5506. Our team of CPAP experts is here to answer your questions and supply you with the highest quality supplies at affordable prices.

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