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Silent Night

Silent Night

Silent Night comfort seal liners are compatible with CPAP, APAP and BiPAP masks to provide comfort to a variety of users. Silent Night liner pillows are soft and cushioned, and the easy-to-handle fabric resists wrinkles to form a smooth line around the mask for a greatly improved sleep therapy experience.

Silent Night manufactures innovative respiratory CPAP mask liners that have dramatically improved the lives of many CPAP users who struggle with discomfort during sleep therapy. The MicroPillow Fabric technology acts as a series of barriers to reduce air leaks during the night for an improved sleep experience.

The liners are a healthy option as they are composed of antimicrobial fabrics to keep the skin protected. QuickStick tabs provide a secure fit for the liner and can be repositioned for a perfect fit. Moisture is quickly wicked away during use and the liner works to prevent pressure marks on the face by providing a barrier between the mask and face.

If you are interested in using a Silent Night liner for your sleep therapy, or have questions about any of our products, please give Cheap CPAP Supplies a call at at 1-888-909-5506. Our team of experts will be happy to help!

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