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The SnuggleHose wrap is a warm, cozy cover for the CPAP hose. With velcro fasteners, the wraps are easy to keep in place and are very easy to use. The wrap is made of hypoallergenic material and is available in many different lengths to meet the needs of various users. Enjoy the warmth and comfort of a SnuggleHose wrap during CPAP therapy for moisturized air and a soft cover over plastic tubing!

SnuggleHose was founded in 2003 by two sisters. They noticed that CPAP therapy often caused dry nose and airways, which made it necessary to purchase a humidifier for the CPAP during winter months. As the air becomes colder, the moist air from the humidifier causes heavy condensation in the cold CPAP tube. This often causes users to wake up periodically. The sisters founded SnuggleHose with the idea of wrapping the cold CPAP tube in a warm fleece to make the cold tube more comfortable during sleep.

SnuggleHose products are available in many different colors and designs. For children using CPAP devices, this makes the machine more comforting to use, as they can customize their machine with fun tube wrap designs while receiving all the benefits of a warm, cozy tubing system while they sleep.

If you are suffering from uncomfortable, cold air during sleep therapy, SnuggleHose tube liners might be the solution to your problems. With any questions regarding SnuggleHose products, be sure to give us a call at 1-888-909-5506. Our team of experts will be happy to help!

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