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Nasal Pillows Masks

Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks deliver ultimate freedom and comfort with minimal skin contact compared to other CPAP mask designs. It’s an extremely popular choice for those who find full face masks uncomfortable. The nasal pillows fit directly into your nostrils to deliver pressurized air from your CPAP machine directly to your nose. Purchase a Nasal pillow CPAP mask no prescription required or replacement parts and receive the exact same mask parts that arrive in kits, only packaged individually. View our selection of nasal pillow masks below to make your CPAP dreams come true.


CPAP nasal pillows are ideal for anyone who is looking for a minimal mask contact. The small mask and integrated headgear make the mask extremely comfortable. This CPAP mask is perfect for side sleepers, reading before bed, watching TV, wearing glasses, and more! Additionally, for anyone who suffers from claustrophobia, the lightweight and compact fit of nasal pillows can help you relax.

Save time and money by getting your nasal pillow CPAP mask no prescription required. Skip the wait at the doctor’s office by ordering your CPAP mask now. You will receive all of the same mask parts that come in a kit, only they’ll be individually packaged.

We offer mask styles from top manufacturers including ResMed, Fisher and Paykel and Philips Respironics. ResMed offers nasal pillow masks such as the Swift FX (the Swift FX Bella is made especially for women) and the Mirage II.

Fisher and Paykel offers nasal pillow masks called the Pilairo and Opus 360. Phillips Respironics offers nasal pillow masks called Nuance Pro Gel and OptiLife.

Many patients find that larger masks like full face CPAP masks are a little invasive, while the nasal pillow mask much less intrusive. Nasal pillow masks come with the frame, mask and headgear that helps keep the mask in place. This configuration leaves the mouth open, and the user can use a chin strap to keep the mouth closed. This device is small, usually made of fabric or a material with elastic properties, and made to work with the mask headgear as one cohesive piece.

Use the "Add to Compare" link to compare multiple types of nasal pillows. With manufacturers offering nasal pillow models specific to men or women, you’re not limited by fit and features. It’s important to note that some nasal pillows do not come with headgear, so make sure you’re choosing a nasal pillow CPAP mask that is compatible with your machine. If you have any questions about headgear fit, nasal pillow masks, or regarding available brands and models, please contact our team of experts at 1-866-298-6482. Remember to ask us about our 30-Day Mask Guarantee as well!

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