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Not sure which CPAP mask is right for you? Call us at 1-866-298-6484. Our team of trained professionals will match you with the perfect option based on your needs. They’ll even tell you if your CPAP supplies will be covered by insurance and handle all of the paperwork. No insurance Rx? No problem, we’ll provide your mask with no prescription required!

Read more about choosing the best CPAP mask here!

The correct CPAP mask is vital for the success of your sleep therapy. This is why the size, fit, and comfort of your mask is incredibly important!

Try a CPAP Mask risk-free: If the style you choose doesn't fit properly or you aren't sleeping comfortably, your sleep therapy needs won't be met. We're here to help you with any questions that you have about your treatment. Give us a call to ask about our 30-day mask guarantee how we can help find your perfect match!

When researching which CPAP mask is right for you, take your sleep habits into consideration. Do you…

  • Toss and turn a lot during the night?
  • Like to read or watch television before going to sleep?
  • Breathe through your mouth or nose?
  • Have facial hair (some mask types won't fit as well - read our blog post on CPAP masks for beards?)
  • Tend to get claustrophobic?

There are some types of CPAP masks that suit some people better than others, which can make finding the perfect mask difficult. We understand this, so we have handy resources that can help you make the right decision. Get started with this guide on choosing the right CPAP mask.

Browse our complete CPAP mask selection to learn about the features, benefits and advantages of the different mask styles.

Use the "Add to Compare" feature to compare the masks that you’re interested in. You’ll see that not only do you have a choice when it comes to brand, but you can also select features that you want in a mask such as cushion type, headgear fit, portability, and much more.

You want to get the best sleep possible and your CPAP mask is an important part of this experience. If you are having trouble choosing a mask, don't hesitate to ask us any questions you might have along the way! Call a CPAP expert at 1-866-298-6482 to get started on the path to better sleep.

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