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Heated Humidifier

What is a CPAP Heated Humidifier? A heated humidifier is a CPAP attachment that can instantly make CPAP treatment more comfortable for users. By attaching a heated CPAP water chamber to your machine warm moisture is added to the air you breathe to control humidity. The CPAP water reservoir is a small device that can be easily added to your existing CPAP. CPAP heated humidifiers are easy to use with a dial that can be used to adjust the heat to add more or less moisture to the air.

Do I Need a Heated Humidifier? Generally, CPAP heated humidifiers are recommended to eliminate discomfort to increase the effectiveness of CPAP therapy as the forced air, especially when cold, can irritate the lining of your nose.

You may need a heated humidifier if you:

  • Suffer from congestion.
  • Have nasal irritation or swelling due to cold air in your CPAP.
  • Become irritated do to stuffy or dry nasal passages.
  • Suffer from seasonal allergies.
  • Often have a runny nose with mucus.
  • Are prone to frequent sinus infections.

Note: When congested consider switching to a full face mask to properly pull in the air you need. If your nose is stuffy then air will become blocked when only using a CPAP nasal mask. If you experience a buildup of condensation in your CPAP mask and tubing known as CPAP rainout this is due to the ambient temperature in your room being colder than the air passing through the tubing. Simply adjust the heat on your humidifier.

CPAP Heated Humidifier Maintenance

CPAP heated humidifiers require about the same amount of upkeep as your mask and other CPAP accessories. They need to be cleaned once a day. Simply detach your CPAP water reservoir and wash it with warm soapy water and allow it to air dry or speed up the process by instantly sanitizing all of your CPAP supplies with a SoClean. Only use distilled water in your CPAP water chamber to prevent the build-up of minerals. Your CPAP heated humidifier will need to be replaced about every six months. Join our resupply program to receive automatic reminders when it’s time to replace your items.

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