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CPAP Hose & Tubing

A specialized CPAP hose or tube is used to connect your CPAP machine and mask and to deliver steady and consistent air pressure. With time you’ll need to replace your CPAP hose or you may simply want a longer, lighter or more flexible hose. We offer a range of CPAP hoses that ensure you’re able sleep comfortably. Browse our selection based on manufacturer, price, SKU, name or position.


The technology used in CPAP tubing delivers the correct pressure you need to sleep properly while maintaining adequate moisture and humidity levels. Depending on the type of CPAP machine you’re using, you may be able to use a heated CPAP hose that provides a consistent pressure and moisture level, regardless of external temperature fluctuations.

You may find that your CPAP machine causes you to feel dry, if this is the case, it’s worth looking into a CPAP hose that provides a higher level of humidity. We offer a number of such CPAP hoses from the top manufacturers. Be sure to read the manual that came with your CPAP machine and verify that you can use such a specialized hose. Use the Add to Compare link to compare different types of CPAP tubing.

A lightweight or longer hose is often preferred by active sleepers. These CPAP hoses are typically made of special material that is quieter and much more flexible, ensuring that your sleep is not interrupted by your CPAP hose.

Before buying new CPAP tubing, review the manuals that came with your CPAP machine and verify that the hose you’ve selected is compatible with your machine and headgear. Our team of CPAP experts is here to help you with any questions you have about CPAP hoses, your machine and headgear, contact us at 1-866-298-6482 to learn more.

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