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Common HCPCS Codes for CPAP Supplies

When purchasing a new CPAP machine or supplies from, there are a few different payment methods to choose from.

Some patients prefer to purchase items as self-pay and pay for all costs upfront. Our online store offers competitive pricing, so if you have a high deductible you may find it cheaper to bypass using your insurance plan and purchase your supplies on your own. Other patients choose to purchase equipment by filing claims through their insurance plans.

HCPS codes for CPAP

Here at, we can file your claim through insurance, but some patients prefer to file their own claims or may need to know the pertinent Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS codes) for using an HSA or FSA account.

Each part of your equipment has a standardized HCPCS code that is used for every durable medical equipment provider and for every insurance provider. Using this standardized system keeps things easy when filing claims. If you are filing your own claims you will need to know all relevant HCPC codes for your equipment. carries a broad selection of CPAP machines, masks, and supplies. Each item type has a different HCPCS code, and our knowledgeable staff is here to help when filing through insurance.

Machine HCPS codes

E0601 – CPAP or APAP

E0470- BiPAP/Bilevel without backup rate, used with noninvasive interface

E0471- BiPAP/Bilevel with backup rate, used with noninvasive interface

E0462- Bipap/Bilevel with backup rate, used with invasive interface

E0561- Humidifier, non-heated

E0562- Humidifier, heated

Mask HCPS codes

A7030- Full Face mask

A7034- Nasal Interface, with or without head strap

A7027- Combination Oral/Nasal mask

PAP part and accessory HCPS codes

A7028- Replacement Cushion for Combination Oral/Nasal Mask

A7029 Replacement Pillows Cushion for Combination Oral/Nasal Mask

A7031- Replacement Cushion for Full Face Mask

A7032- Replacement Cushion for Nasal Mask

A7033- Replacement Pillows for Nasal Pillows or Cannula Style Mask

A7035- Headgear

A7036- Chinstrap

A7037- Tubing

A4604- Heated Tubing

A7038- Filter, Disposable

A7039- Filter, non-disposable

A7045- Exhalation port

A7046- Water chamber for humidifier

The staff here at can help answer any equipment or insurance questions you have. We recommend that our patients double check the codes above with your insurance provider as some plans may use different codes. No matter what CPAP needs you have, we are here to help. Visit today to get started with your new CPAP machine or CPAP supplies purchase.

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