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Insurance Deductible Renewing? Can Help!

It’s that time of year again. The deductible with your health insurance was reached and that helped you get your CPAP supplies and, depending on the timing, maybe even a new machine, but now, the year is ending and another is beginning.  That dreaded time when the insurance deductible renews and you start all over again.  Never fear! can help!

Shop by brand, item, or price

To begin, have a look at the site itself to see how easy it is to navigate.  You can quickly research what you’re looking for by brand or item name.  You’ll have no problem noticing the discounts offered on the site.  This is how CheapCPAPSupplies can be of assistance to anyone who may need supplies, or CPAP accessories, those that may not have insurance, or those who may be dealing with an unmet deductible.

But don’t think is limited to those without insurance.

We help file your claim

If you do have insurance that helps cover the cost of supplies and accessories, we can help file a claim!  Plus, get supplies you need in-between insurance-covered resupply at a fraction of the cost–sometimes less that what you’d pay even if filing claim through insurance, depending on your deductible.

For instance, it may also be helpful to know that Respironics is currently offering a major sale that is honoring.  This sale has been extended from its original end of December 31st to the new end date of March 31st of 2014!  You can save 15% on Phillips Respironics CPAP machines and 10 % off masks, mask parts and tubing.   We have also recently reduced the cost of our ProBasics CPAP machines (with Humidifier) from $420 to $325.  That’s over 20% savings!

Get the lowest prices at Cheap CPAP Supplies

If you dread this time of year when it comes to your health insurance deductible renewing and you need to find a new place to purchase your CPAP supplies and accessories, make sure to visit  And remember, there is always a helpful representative just a click or call away, ready to answer any questions you may have about products or insurance!

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Win a Free SoClean

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