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Still Snoring with CPAP?

CPAP makes are vital in ensuring the success of your sleep therapy. CPAP masks help eliminate or greatly reduce snoring and other breathing problems associated with sleep apnea. However, if you are still experiencing snoring with wearing your CPAP mask, it could be an indication that something is wrong.

Why am I still snoring with CPAP?

In most cases, snoring while using the CPAP is not normal. If you are still experiencing snoring after wearing your mask for several days, you should seek the advice and counsel of your sleep specialist. The best thing to do is to go back to the sleep specialist with your machine to discuss possible adjustments.

4 Reasons You’re Still Snoring with CPAP

  1. Your mask does not fit your face.
  2. There are air gaps in certain areas around the mouth, nose, and mask.
  3. The air pressure in the CPAP is too low to open your air passageways due to recent weight gain, air leaks, and/or improper settings.
  4. Your sleep position may affect the function of the machine.

4 Ways to Stop Snoring with CPAP

  1. Check your machine pressure — Communicate to your sleep specialist if you feel the air pressure is too low. Your sleep specialist will make the proper adjustments to your air pressure.
  2. Change sleeping positions — Your sleeping position may be another cause of the snoring. Sleeping on your back may prohibit the air pressure in the machine from opening your body’s airway. Sleeping on your side may be an easy solution if sleep position is a problem.
  3. Pay attention to the way you breathe during sleep — Breathing through the mouth is a major concern for patients using a nasal mask. When you sleep with your mouth open, the air will exit through the mouth instead of going through the airway.
  4. Re-fit your CPAP mask — Getting the mask to fit properly to your face is a matter of making a few minor adjustments.
    • Take the time to make sure that the area the mask is attached to on your face is clean. CPAP wipes are specially formulated for patients who are using a CPAP machine and will ensure your mask stays clean and fresh.
    • Your mask should fit snugly to your face. The elastic adjustments should fit around your head. There should be no air gaps between your face and the mask.
    • If that does not work, try using another mask size. Some CPAP masks are specifically designed for a smaller female frame, like the Lady Zest Q Nasal Mask made by Fisher and Paykel.

Woman sleeping with CPAP mask

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Snoring while using a CPAP machine is something that can be adjusted well before it becomes a problem. If you don’t adjust your CPAP machine, you will not be well rested and increase your risk for other health challenges like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

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