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Types of CPAP Machines

After a doctor has diagnosed your sleep apnea, you will need to find the right PAP device to treat your sleep apnea. There are many different types of CPAP machines that are designed with different patients and the severity of symptoms in mind. carries many different types of machines and will work with you to find the best machine for you. Check out our cheat sheet on the different brands and types of CPAP Machines.

Standard CPAP

The most common type of PAP is the standard or “set pressure” CPAP machine. This CPAP will run at one set pressure all the time. To get a set pressure machine a patient within-labor do an in lab sleep study and the sleep doctor will prescribe a pressure based on the test results, or you can do an “in home titration” where you use an automatic PAP machine for a few weeks and a certified clinician determines your permanent pressure based on the download data. carries a wide range of standard CPAP machines that will fit any budget or lifestyle. The Transcend EZEX  is one of the smallest and lightest CPAP designs that exists and is great for anyone who does a lot of traveling.

Auto-Adjusting CPAP machines

Auto CPAP machines are similar to CPAPs in a lot of ways. They run at only one pressure, but the pressure will self-adjust while you are sleeping if more or less pressure is needed. These machines detect if you are struggling with a certain pressure and will automatically adjust accordingly to the best pressure. The DreamStation Auto CPAP from Respironics is one of the newest auto CPAPs on the market. It is 18% smaller and much lighter than previous models. The Dreamstation also offers built-in compliance tools to help you stay on track with your usage.

BiPAP machines

BiPAP machines offer two pressures instead of one. The two pressures work with you while you breathe. It releases a higher pressure when you breathe in and a lower pressure when you breathe out. Often times a BiPAP is a good alternative for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP or who have other health issues. The ResMed AirCurve 10 S comes with a built-in modem that will help you stay on track with your usage, and help to easily troubleshoot any problems.

Auto BiPAP

The Auto BiPAP is just like the Auto CPAP. The Auto BiPAP uses two different pressure settings that automatically adjust to the user’s sleep cycle. It’s a responsive machine to offer specialized treatment.

Essential CPAP Features

Your diagnosis will determine what type of PAP machine you’ll get.  There are some essential CPAP machine features that make the device more comfortable to use. This is your guide to what these pieces are and how they can work in your favor.

Exhalation Relief

Getting used to wearing a CPAP mask after receiving a sleep apnea diagnosis is not something that anyone looks forward to. The apparatus is often believed to be both clunky and uncomfortable. In addition, the thought of having to get used to continuous air pressure blown through your nose and mouth may be overwhelming in the beginning. That is why exhalation relief, also known as exhalation pressure relief, is available.

Exhalation relief was initially developed for bilevel CPAP machines designed for patients with more serious respiratory disorders. However, standard CPAP machines are also able to change the air pressure based on the patient’s breathing cycle. The end result is a more natural and comfortable breathing experience.

Memory Card

Most CPAP machines are able to record therapeutic data to help you and your doctor determine the effectiveness of your treatment. Recorded data can include the hours of usage, average pressure, leaks, and AHI. Other more advanced models will also be able to record if you are snoring and whether or not there are any limitations on air flow. All this information is recorded and stored on a memory card, or SD card, that can usually be removed and shared with your sleep specialist.

Air Filter

Your air filter is essential to not only your personal health but also to the health of your machine. Your CPAP air filter helps to capture foreign particles like dust, pollen, and other contaminants that can cause a lung infection. Without the air filter, these particles will collect inside the machine where bacteria will continue to collect and multiply.


The humidifier is another essential part of your CPAP machine. In general, a humidifier is used to add moisture to the air in a room. This helps people in the room to breathe more comfortably. Your CPAP humidifier works in the same fashion. The humidifier on your machine is heated to make the air more comfortable for you to breathe. This helps to lessen the amount of dry coughing and dry mouth.

If a sleep specialist has prescribed a CPAP machine, it is essential that you use it properly. Misuse of any of the pieces can not only mean that you don’t experience its full benefits, but you also take a risk with your respiratory health. You may also increase your risk of suffering from other diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. When you get your new machine, take the time to understand how it works and its individual parts. This will help you to ensure that your machine is being well maintained. carries many different types of CPAP machines. If you are having trouble deciding on which machine to get, we will be happy to help.  We ensure that you get a machine that will help treat your sleep apnea and one that fits into your budget. Visit today to get started!

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